What’s Up June Bhongjan?

From being one of the founders, filmers and editors of Peep Show to contriuting on multiple blogs such as Burton Girls and Boat People Vintage, June Bhongjan is a jack of all trades. Although you can mostly find June traveling and working within the snowboard industry, I caught up with her to talk fashion, blogs and of course life behind the lens.

What are some companies you support?
Companies I support are Holden, Elm,  Flux Bindings, Bear Mtn, Active, Roxy, Burton and Ashbury.

Take us to the beginning, how did Peep Show get started and what inspired the name?
Esthera Preda and I started Peepshow as a low presure project to bring together a crew of female snowboarders who liked filming street. We were interested in the urban aspect of snowboarding and have never seen a all-girl video that specifically emphasizes this style of snowboarding.  We really try to capture the real life behind the riding and show the relationship we have with one another, the bails we take, and the progression that has come from it.  One of our friends thought of the name “Peepshow” and it was the only one we all agreed upon.  The others were either too vulgar, girly, or bland and didn’t stick out. I liked it most because we were literally giving people a show.

People usually assume Vixxxen with the 3 x’s is porn, does anyone ever give you a hard time about your name choice?
“Peepshow” was more mild, but had a hint of feminine playfulness and still referenced video.  It was short, sweet and to the point. We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we chose the name.

When it comes to Peep Show, you guys bring a new aspect and vibe to womens snowboarding. What is it about Peep Show that makes it different from other all girl crews?
We concentrate more on bringing
together girls who share the same interest, way of snowboarding, and outlook on life versus trying “to be different”.  We ultimately would like to show women’s progression in snowboarding, but we also feel that the personality and the adventures we experience are important to incorporate.  We hope to give a sense of feeling and emotion when someone watches our videos – it’s a small glimpse of our lives.

What is one of your best memories filming Winter Wars?
There are some many wonderful memories.  I’d have to say that being there with my friends – helping them build and shovel, capturing everything on video and the feeling of excitement and achievement after they land their trick is the best feeling.  I understand that what these snowboarders are doing are dangerous, but it really pushes women’s progression and creativity and only those who are passionate about it will do it.

You mentioned in another interview that people don’t think you “look like a snowboarder.” Judging from that statement alone, what do you think the stereotype of a female snowboarder is and how would you want to change it?
This must have been from a while ago. I remember people always being surprised when I tell them I snowboard.  I guess I don’t really look like a tomboy or look “extreme”  haha… which is what I suppose the stereotype would be for snowboarders.  Snowboard outerwear has changed a lot with brands like Holden, bringing street fashion into snow outerwear and adding more feminine attributes into women’souterwear.

Do you think snowboarding influences your own personal style?
It’s not so much snowboarding, rather than climate and environment.  I assume everyone would look at me funny, if I was in Tahoe wearing my a mini dress in the middle of winter.

What are some of your favorite labels, designers or places to shop?
My favorite places to shop are Boat People Boutique, Portland Design Collective, House of Vintage, Cinema in Los Angeles, Nastygal, ROMWE, Miss Selfridge, the Rose Bowl,  thrift stores, and ultimately my all time favorite place to shop (but I haven’t been there in 5 years) is Jatujak flea market in Thailand.  It seriously incredible. you can find puppies and hand made one of a kind clothing all in the same place.

If you had to wear one outfit for the next year, what would we find you wearing?
Black leggings under highwaisted black button up shorts, racer back cropped tank under a sheer batwing button up shirt, oversized cardigan,  lace-up ankle boots, Brixton Avenue Boater Hat – Lots of layers for winter and stripping it down to a tank and shorts for hotter days!

Name some items on the top of your wish list:
Style Stalker Snake Bite Leggings
Holden Lauren Softshell Pant

Do you have any favorite fashion blogs, websites or magazines?
Boat People Boutique, Burtongirls, Vixxxen, Spell and the Gypsy Collective, Wild at Heart, Jak & Jil, lookbook.nu, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge,  The Selby, Honestly WTF, Powder Doom, Born to Be Wild, The Aestate, Design Milk and flavorpill.com

What can we find you doing if your not editing, filming or riding?
I contribute to a couple blogs including Peepshowfilms.com, of course, Boatpeoplevintage.com, and Burtongirls.com.  I set up fun fashion shoots and write about my adventures while traveling. I also have been working at Holden Outerwear within the marketing side of things there. Other than that, I just moved to Portland, so I’ve been obsessed with furniture and neat household items.  I love refinishing and upholstering discarded old furniture.  Also, I have a couple vintage stores I sell at, so I do a lot of vintage hunting and buying.

Last but not least, any special future plans for June and the Peep Show crew?
This year the crew has been working on all different projects.  Esthera and I have a project we’re working on with Roxy.  Peepshow is on a tiny break, but we are still documenting our adventures.  We’re reuniting soon for something pretty epic. Details to come.

Need more June? I don’ blame you. Stay up to date with all things Peep Show and follow her adventures on the Burton Girls Blog & the Boat People Vintage blog.


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