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Just because I am 21 years old does not mean I have to live in a shit hole. Although I am currently in that stage of my life (going to school, living in a cheap apartment with roommates) I don’t have to let it be that way. After finally moving back to Burlington and getting unpacked, I decided to give you a tour of my bedroom. I am a firm believer that our bedrooms should reflect who we are as a person. Surrounding yourself by things that make you happy or inspired is the best thing to wake up to in the morning. So go ahead, take some tips after the jump and enjoy my serious bedroom vibes.

1. Good sheets
The main component of any bedroom is obviously the bed and if your a normal human being, sleep is important. Why not make yours extra cozy by splurging a little bit? My sheets are actually from Sam’s Club and they rule. Nice clean, crisp, and bright white at a 450 threat count to make these lazy bones happy.

2. Good Lighting
While we all can’t be blessed with magnificent windows that pour natural light onto our peaceful sleeping faces every morning, we can still make our bedrooms feel just as dreamy. I agree it’s nice to have one big bright light but there is also nothing wrong with some mood lighting. Small little lamps get the job done without being to harsh and little string lights make your room feel like a sultry jazz club. Either way, lights are an important way to make your personal space feel inviting and comfortable.

3. Art Overload
The absolute best way to make your space feel like you is to hang art and things that make you happy. Your friend draws you a weird picture? Hang it up. I have a crazy collection of old post cards, letters, albums, collages, photographs, books and drawings that I have collected over the years all hanging on my bedroom walls and bookshelf. Have fun with it and buy good tacks!

4. Take it to the floor.
I have horrible carpet in my room. Seriously, it is a cheap blue carpet that just all around sucks. To disguise it a bit I have a few rugs I’ve thrown down. One of them is from Urban Outfitters and the other is a oriental rug from my mom’s house. Both are awesome, both easy to clean. Have wood? Throw a rug down anyways.

5. Vegetation
Allergic to cats and dogs? That sucks. Get a plant though because even if your not it is way easier to take care of. My personal favorite are cactus and they make the best bedroom companion ever. They add some green to your room, are completely self reliant (water once every month or so) and look cool.

6. Thrift Store Score
Some of my favorite things in my room are actually from thrift stores, junk shops and markets. As everyone knows, thrift stores are magical. They contain the weirdest and best things for almost nothing. One great example is my owl marker holder. I bought that thing for 50 cents and never looked back.

7. Closet
SO this is kind of a big deal. After having the worlds smallest closet last year, I figured out what makes the world of difference: Good Hangers! I cannot express this enough. Having nice consistent hangers in your closet saves so much space and looks very organized. Although pricier than plastic hangers, felt hangers like these are great because they are non slip, aesthetically pleasing and once again, save space!

8. Storage
Thin plastic bins work great. Slide them under your bed and badabing badaboom no more clutter. I also suggest getting more tacks and hanging your hats, belts and necklaces on your wall. You can get creative with this and put them anywhere. Shoe boxes make great storage as well so save those boxes and fill them with whatever your heart desires. Pile them in a neat manor or slide them under your bed…whatever makes you happy.

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